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Our Neighborhood- Historic Downtown Glendale, AZ



We've got special feelings about our neighborhood.  We opened our store in Historic Downtown Glendale in 2005 because, when we moved from New York to Arizona, we found that Historic Downtown Glendale is the neighborhood that feels most like home.  The neighborhood has a hometown feel- the streets are walkable, we're not another strip mall, the shops aren't generic "mall" stores.  Each shop is, an expression of what each shop owner loves, obsesses over & wants to share with the world.  From the best cookies you'll get instantly hooked on, to a place to repair your cherished childhood stuffed animal, to the pizza place that allowed a family to build a happy home. Our shops are an expression of what small business owners around the world all feel & do every single hour of every single day.  Our shops hold a big piece of our heart & soul with everything we do.  Small businesses are what our country is made of, the reason everyone want's to live in America- Small Businesses are the American Dream.

This page is dedicated to our neighborhood- Historic Downtown Glendale, AZ, and all of the American Dreamers who make up our Downtown Glendale Business Community.  Come visit & discover for yourselves.  Shop Small, Shop Local!

We dream when we're awake and it drives us to create, and when we finally fall asleep at the end of a long day we're happy to know we can get up and do it all again the next day.