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Take Your Best Selfie Yet!


How to Take a Good Selfie


  1. Look for natural lighting
    Outside is a wonderful place for selfies, or in front of a ring light. I don’t have a ring light, but for a good chunk of the time that I’m awake, I do have the sun.
  2. Lower your shoulders and extend your neck as you extend your arm
    This gives you more room to work with for your pose, rather than if you tried to scrunch up into the camera frame. If some of you gets cut off as you frame yourself, that’s ok, as long as the you you’re trying to capture is where you want it to be!
  3. Widen eyes a little
    This helps you look more alert and more awake, and like you’re having fun instead of stressing about taking a good picture. Don’t give them crazy eyes, though, unless that’s what you’re going for. 
  4. Don’t be afraid of a little duck face
    Just a little. Sometimes it’s fun. It pronounces your mouth more if you’re wearing a lipstick you like especially or if you’re going for a more serious look. 
  5. Adjust your hair
    I use mine to cover the weird tan lines I have on my neck (where did they come from???) and the fact that my eyebrows are less sisters and more distantly related cousins.
  6. Angle yourself to highlight your favorite features
    I like my waist. I put a hand there to emphasize that if you look long enough, I might be shaped like an hourglass. It’s like telling a little story with your pictures!
  7. Hold phone to either side, not head on, and from a little bit of a downwards angle
    Again, this gives you more room to work with, and a good clean line across your picture. It also gives more of a realistic view of you given how the camera lens is shaped, but that’s a bunch of science that I don’t understand. 
  8. Wave your phone around like a crazy person to see which angle you like it at
    You won’t get the angle right on the first try, unless you’re a witch. Any witches out there know a spell for good selfies that would save us all these steps?
  9. Take a million pictures instead of just one
    Give yourself options to find a favorite! You could be blinking in one, or move your hand to fast and make it blurry, or a gnat could fly up your nose and make you flinch. It would also be funny to have pictures of that gnat. 
  10. Review your pictures, find your favorite, and ask yourself if YOU think it’s a good selfie
    Do you like how you look? Then it’s a good selfie. I personally love looking at myself, so even the bad ones are all good selfies.



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